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Try Cycling

What is it?

The ‘Try Cycling’ Programme involves a group of people cycling to and from school, college or work over a 4 week period with all the support they need to make it happen.

Cycling experienceKey amongst the support package is the loan of a quality bike and equipment the lack of which is the principal deterrent to people cycling to school, college or work.

The full programme involves the following:

  • A recruitment phase with a range of promotional materials and mechanisms including a small roadshow event where prospective participants can choose the bike they will use
  • Before and after questionnaires to gather both data on behaviour and attitudes to cycling
  • Loan of quality bike and accessories for 4 week trial period
  • A bike handover day
  • Route planning and cycle commuting advice
  • Cycling confidence and competence check
  • Free maintenance support
  • Email and telephone support during the trial period
  • Opportunity to buy bikes & equipment at discount at end of programme
  • Report at end of programme on key outcomes


  What is it