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Try Cycling

In the work place

Cycling to work can make a contribution to a wide range of corporate social responsibility, environmental, statutory and employee-related issues faced by both public and private sector

These include:

  • Reduced numbers of on-site car parking spaces
  • Localised congestion and parking problems
  • Gaining access to a sufficiently large number of potential employees
  • Increasingly stringent travel plan obligations
  • The need to adopt more sustainable business practices and in particular reduce CO2 emissions
  • The need to encourage and support healthier employees

Cycling experienceBecoming a ‘cycle-friendly employer’, through the implementation of a range of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ measures is neither difficult nor expensive and can pay dividends in all of the above areas.

The Try Cycling’ programme provides the opportunity for a group of employees to try cycling to work, normally for a 4 week period, with lots of support to help them get over the barriers that have been stopping them.

Key amongst the support package is the loan of a quality bike and all the typical commuter accessories. This type of programme has shown very good results in terms of the numbers indicating that they intend to keep cycling at the end of the 4 week trial.

  In the work place