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Try Cycling

In schools

The essence of a Try Cycling to school programme is creating a structured opportunity for school children and even their parents to ‘Try Cycling’, either to school or just for leisure.

Cycling experienceKey elements of the programme are:

A promotion and recruitment phase during which we recruit a group of people who’d like to ‘Try Cycling’ to school.

A ‘4 Week Challenge' period during which participants cycle for at least half of their available journeys. Parents and children will be encouraged to sign up for the ‘4 Week Challenge’ period during which they will undertake to cycle to school for at least half of the time.  A pre-requisite is for the children to undertake a 4 day Cycle Training course which will take them to Level 2. In addition we can provide Level 3 training to the adult participants who would like it.

A review phase during which we gather feedback and evaluate the results of the programme and feed this back to the school. Cycle Experience produces a report on the outcome of the programme. There will be an end of programme event for all participants where certificates are handed out and a bike prize awarded.


  In schools