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The service was very good. I would like them to return to train more pupils.

St. Mary’s C of E Middle School

“Excellent. Superbly organised, highly efficient”

“Excellent. Superbly organised, highly efficient”

I was delighted with the Bikeability team. They were willing to ‘work’ with the children and established a rapport with all of them. The kids were real keen to work with them and I wouldn’t hesitate in asking them back – which I hope to do in the near future.

Excellent. Superbly organised, highly efficient”

Bebside Middle School

The two instructors were extremely friendly and professional. All the children thoroughly enjoyed their training and hopefully they will work again in school next year.
Many thanks,

Beulah Olver, Berwick Middle School, March’09

Jason, Thank you so much for all that you have done this week. It has been a pleasure to have you and Ken working in school. The children have had a positive experience and gained so much from their time with you. They have really buzzed about the cycling and how much they have improved. We have also had lots of feedback from the village - which has been great.
Thanks again

Sarah Barnes, Bellingham Middle, March’09


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