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Everything was what I expected, clear and professional. The instructors who took the course were superb. We would like them back next year.

Meadowdale Middle School. Northumberland

“Excellent. Superbly organised, highly efficient”

“Excellent. Superbly organised, highly efficient”

Excellent! Superbly organised, highly efficient.

Excellent. Superbly organised, highly efficient”

St. Joseph’s RC Middle School
Hexham, Northumberland

We have just finished a fantastic month.  Every one of our year 5 and 6 pupils has completed the cycling course.  They have all had a wonderful time and been smiling all week when they have been completing the course.  I cannot believe how far they have cycled each day – helped our fitness routine amazingly – great for Every Child Matters and Healthy Schools.
The instructors have been great – we have had quite a number of different ones but they have been very professional and had a lovely manner with the children.  They have challenged them and the children have risen to it and surpassed even their own expectations.

Excellent staff. Thank you for providing such a fantastic opportunity for our pupils.

Glendale Middle School

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