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Just a very quick email with regard to the Bikeability test which the school have been running.

Whilst collecting the children yesterday, I was fortunate to arrive early and be able to watch the instructors and the children for a few minutes. I was extremely impressed by the way in which they were being taught and the level at which it was aimed at.

Sadly, and more often then I like, I have to deal with the consequences of children having accidents on their bikes. It was good to see that the children were being given practical experience on the roads and not just in a playground.

I was encouraged that high visibility clothing and headwear protection was also evident and being worn by the instructors as well. Both play a crucial part in keeping cyclist alive in the event of an accident. Please pass on my thanks and praise to all those concerned.


Can I please pass on my thanks and those of my class who have just enjoyed a fantastic week of cycle training. Your staff were suberb and we are extremely satisfied with the service we received. Thanks again.

Louise Vincent, Deputy Head, John Keble Primary

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