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My 10-year-old son attained his Level 1 & 2 Bikeability certificate through Bramley School. He has confidently ridden his bike around our estate for some time and been with us on the roads but I now realize how little I had taught him. In role play mode as the cycle trainer, he took me out on his bike today and covered everything from the m check and mounting, through traffic signs/road markings, looking for potential hazards, road positioning etc. He explained everything in such minute detail and demonstrated so well, I was left with total confidence that he will be safe on his bike on the road.  Your course is brilliant and contributes a great service keeping our kids alive. Thank you very much to you and Bramley School.
John Dixon

My daughter has just completed her level 2 Bikeability cycle training with you today and I would like to comment on how fantastic your staff have been. She has been very excited every day to do her training and has had nothing but positive comments about the two trainers Matt and Laura. She has been very eager to inform me of the things she has learned. Thank you.
Mrs Kerrie Osborne

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