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Thank you so much for your time today.  As the "office novice" I was a little apprehensive about heading out on the roads having not done so before.  However the session went at a good base and I was really surprised how quickly my confidence grew as we went along.  Never for a second thought would I manage hand signals either! Think it an invaluable experience for anyone looking at road cycling and I am very grateful for your patience.

Lucie Davis
Assistant Business Manager, Cycle2Work,
Halfords Head Office
, Redditch

Wow - I forgot how much I love cycling - I hadn't been on a bike since I was about 12 and discovered boys and high heels! After today, not only do I feel like I'd like to start cycling again, I also now feel that I'd be safe on the roads as well.  Thanks for a great day - I'll be giving my boyfriend advice for a change!!

Elle Thompson, Cycle2Work Sales Manager,
Halfords Business Services

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