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The Festival event was a great culmination to the week and a great start to Bike Week for me and the project. Thank you for all your help in the delicate planning and negotiations with the park event organisers.

On the day, you handled hundreds of families and children trying out bikes in a very calm and supportive way. I attended this Festival last year as my very first engagement for CTC and there is no doubt to me that your presence added a fantastic new dimension to the event. The display of bikes looked impressive and I used your bikes for my activities in the arena area enabling dozens of children to show off their fledgling cycling skills in front of the crowds.

My stall benefited from your presence and I and Colchester Cycling Town were able to get over 300 pledges by residents to cycle more this summer. A great success.

So, in conclusion, I feel that your involvement was a great success and exceeded anything that I would have been able to put on, without your involvement. I benefited from knowing that you were handling much of the event planning and organisation, leaving me free to deal with a number of other things that were arranged for Bike Week.

Best wishes and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Richard Monk,
Community Cycling Development Officer, Colchester

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