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learn to balance and rideLearn to Balance and Ride – Harrow

During term time these sessions take place on Mondays after school. Each session lasts 50 minutes, and run between 4-6pm. During school holidays these sessions take place between 12 noon and 4.30pm.

Sessions are booked as a two (consecutive) week course. Due to demand a maximum of one course only (2 x 50 minute sessions) can be booked per child. However, whilst each child is different, we expect that most will be cycling on two wheels by the end of their course.

Please select the appropriate age group when booking your child’s course, either junior (ages 3-5) or senior (ages 6-11). Each session can accommodate up to 18 children, with a mix of juniors and seniors. This ensures there are enough instructors and equipment for children of different ages.

Are the classes free?

Thanks to a subsidy from the London Borough of Harrow we are able to provide a Learn to Balance and Ride course for your child completely free of charge. However, due to high demand parents will be able to book one two week course per child (2 x 50 minute sessions).

If you are unable to make it to your course it is essential that you cancel your booking so that other children can participate. Please contact us cancel either by phone: 0330 024 1783 or by email:

Cycle Helmets

Cycle Experience and Harrow Council insist that all children participating in Learn to Balance & Ride sessions wear a properly fitting cycle helmet carrying the mark. For health & safety reasons please be aware that we do not loan cycle helmets to participants. Therefore, please ensure that you bring along a cycle helmet for your child to each session. If you fail to do so, unfortunately, your child won’t be able to participate.

Booking conditions

  • Each child is eligible for one course of two sessions
  • Courses run at the same day and time for two consecutive weeks during term time and alternate days during school holidays
  • Cancellations or changes to your course booking must be made BEFORE the start of the course and cannot be made once the course has started. Please call 0330 024 1783 or email to do so.
  • Your child must live or be educated in London Borough of Harrow to be eligible for these courses.

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You will be notified by e-mail of your place on the relevant session. If you have any questions regarding these classes please phone 0330 024 1783 or email

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