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learn to balance and rideLearn to Balance and Ride Sessions – Children`s classes

Cycle Experience has developed an exciting new programme that teaches children to ride their bikes independently – no more stabilisers and no grown-ups holding on!

Who can take part?

Our ‘Learn to Balance and Ride’ classes are open to children aged 3-14. Age restrictions vary in different areas. More details can be found on the area-specific registration pages.

Where and when do these classes take place?

Our classes currently run in the following areas. Please click on their links for area-specific information and registration.

Harrow (London)
Windsor & Maidenhead

How do you teach children to cycle? What’s the secret?

Our classes focus on developing children’s ability to balance before teaching them to pedal. Children begin by learning to ride a ‘balance bike’ – a bike with no pedals and a lower centre of gravity than a typical pedal bike – and build their confidence staying upright on two wheels. From there we transition the children onto pedal bikes with great success!

A fun and supportive atmosphere is encouraged by our instructors during these group classes, and parents/guardians are encouraged to stay, watch and support.

How much do the classes cost?

We have obtained funding and support from some of the local councils that we work with. Many classes are subsidised and some are completely free. More details about the cost and conditions are on the area-specific registration pages.

Do we need to bring our own bike?

We provide high quality balance and pedal bikes in a range of sizes, so you do not need to bring a bike with you.

Are your classes suitable for children with additional learning needs?

We aim to make our cycling classes inclusive for all children and our fully trained instructors will be able to give children extra focus when needed. Learning the control, balance and co-ordination that is needed to cycle can be enormously beneficial – not to mention enjoyable! – for children with dyspraxia, autism and downs syndrome. If you have any particular concerns regarding your children’s participation please get in touch with the co-ordinator for training in your local area , as alternative training may be available.

If you have any questions have a look first at our FAQs. If you can't find the answer there please email or call Cycle Experience on 0330 0241 783 .

You will be notified by e-mail of your place on the relevant session.