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Instructor Training

Membership of our ITO

ITOs are the only bodies recognised by the Government as providing training for National Standard Instructor Trainers, Instructors and Assistant Instructors.

Only instructors who are members of or who have been trained by ITOs will be issued with National Standard Instructor numbers which identify them as providing cycle training that meets the National Standard.

If you are an existing instructor delivering National Standard training for Local Authorities and / or School Sports Partnerships funded by a DfT cycle training grant then you will need to become registered with a recognised ITO. This is to ensure that training being delivered by the DfT grant is of the quality expected.

If you wish to become a cycle instructor, please take a look at our Instructor Training page.

Membership Benefits

All members will be added to our database of fully accredited National Standard instructors who can work for Cycle Experience. All members will receive regular updates of changes to the National Standards via our e-newsletter and news blog on our website or our regional manager email updates.

All members will have the opportunity to attend an annual regional get together to discuss 'best practise', refresh National Standards training and share effective training 'hints and tips'. Members can also attend Instructor Training Courses (ITCs) free of charge to refresh their knowledge and teaching skills. All members will be offered access to continuing professional development training each year, organized through our regional network.

Members are eligible for mentor & advice services from our Regional Managers. Suitably interested and qualified members will have the opportunity to become both a mentor themselves.

Contact us at or please call 0330 0241 783 .



Instructor Training