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Questions? Questions? We are always been asked a wide range of things about the wide world of cycling and our services in particular.

Do I need a licence to ride a bike?
No you do not. Anyone can ride a bike on the road. We recommend however that children are supervised and before anyone takes to the road it is worth considering getting some cycle training.

At what age can my children start cycling with me?
You can start cycling with your children from when they are a baby (typically 3 months) transporting them in a carrier strapped into a child trailer. When children can sit upright, (c.9 months) front/rear child seats become possible and can take them up to about 5 years old.  When your child is able to balance and ride their own bike, (usually from 3 years), they can accompany you, cycling on the pavement or one of the growing number of off-road routes.  By four years old trailer bikes become ‘viable’ for longer trips as do a child-back tandem. Both allow the child to take part and pedal when they want to.  Some children have well-developed ‘road-sense’ and are capable of riding on quieter roads, with an adult from about six years old, but this does vary.

Do I need to wear a helmet?
It is not compulsory by law to wear a helmet when cycling but we do recommend it for both on and off-road cycling. Indeed we insist on it when delivering cycle training to young children.

Can I cycle on the pavement?
Strictly speaking no -it is illegal to cycle on the pavement. The exception is where there is a shared cycle and walking route which is indicated by signs and markings displayed along the route.

How much can I expect to pay for a new bike?
You can pay anything from £50 to £5000 depending on the type of bike you wish to purchase. What we do recommend however is that you focus on quality rather than price alone. We at Cycle Experience work with Raleigh Cycles who we believe offer the best mid range quality cycles for the family, as well as offering quality folding mountain and elite sports bikes. For quality children’s bikes expect to pay £130 to £180 and for a quality adult commuter bike expect to pay about £240 to £400

We also work with Brompton Bicycle who we consider to offer one of the best folding commuter bicycles on the market.

If you have a question about any aspect of our work please contact us.