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Cycling Roadshows


Cycle Experience’s Schools Cycling Roadshow is designed to enthuse children about cycling, give children the opportunity to ‘try out’ a number of different types of bikes and enable them to cycle more safely.

Cycling experienceIt can be used on its own or to support other schools cycling promotions such as cycle training (Bikeability), Safe Routes to School, School Travel Plans, Bike It and Go Ride. Children try out a range of bikes, some conventional, some, like KMX Karts, rather different and great fun!

We also bring along a child-carrying trailer, a trailer-bike and a tandem to illustrate the range of bikes available and to give the opportunity for our staff to give rides. This is particularly important for those children who may not be able to ride themselves.

Whilst it’s largely about fun, we also re-inforce the key elements of Level 1/ 2 of Bikeability, through a series of playground exercises and small group discussions.

Slow bicycle races, relay races and other ‘games’ are also used to develop or demonstrate skill on the bike and to introduce a small competitive element to the general enjoyment. Indoors a range of audio-visual materials and fun quizzes are used to enthuse and inspire, to stimulate and support discussion of cycling as an everyday activity and again, introduce or reinforce some of the key concepts
of cycling safely.

The roadshow is applicable to children from 5 - 14 years old. Groups of around 15 – 20 children alternate between the indoor and outdoor activities, giving a capacity of around 200 children per day.