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Cycling Roadshows

Family and leisure

The family and leisure cycling roadshow is a great way of engaging with the general public and encouraging, enthusing and inspiring them to cycle more often.

Cycling experienceMany people would like to cycle more but often need a ‘motivational push’ as well as practical advice. The Roadshow gives people the opportunity to get both, in a fun and relaxed setting.

We bring along a range of bikes and related equipment for people to try within the confines of a try-out track. The selection of bikes can be altered depending on who you may be trying to reach but will typically consist of a range of conventional and some less conventional bikes. The less conventional bikes, for example adult and child recumbents help give that bit of ‘spice’ to the roadshow and give that ‘wow’ factor. The more conventional bikes are the ones that people will be more likely to go out and see and buy at the local bike shop.

The bike mix will typically include examples of male and female commuter, hybrid and mountain bikes, flat-barred road bikes, racing bikes, folding bikes, adult and child recumbents, adult tandems and child-back tandems and an electric bike as well as a selection of quality children’s bikes, suitable for ages 2 or 3 up to early teens.

  Family and leisure