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Cycling to work can make a contribution to
a wide range of corporate social responsibility,
environmental, statutory and employee-related
issues faced by both public and private sector
organisations. These include:

  • Reduced numbers of on-site car parking spaces.
  • Localised congestion and parking problems.
  • Gaining access to a sufficiently large number of potential employees.
  • Increasingly stringent Travel Plan obligations.
  • Need to adopt more sustainable business practices and in particular reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Need to encourage and support healthier employees.

Cycling experienceBecoming a ‘cycle-friendly employer’ by implementing a range of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ measures is neither difficult nor expensive and can pay dividends in all of the above areas.

We run commuter cycling events where potential cyclists:

  • Can learn about the benefits of cycling to work.
  • Discuss barriers stopping them and gain advice on how to overcome these.
  • See how the journey to work can save time and money and be integrated with other commitments like the school-run.
  • Can view and/or try a range of typical commuter bikes and accessories.
  • Can gain advice on cycling safely and get trained to the new National Standard.
  • Can have a ‘Dr Bike’ check on their own bike.
  • Understand how their own bike could be modified and made more appropriate for commuting.
  • Pick up local cycle maps and other guides to cycle commuting

Our commuter cycling events are extremely flexible. They can range from a static display with one person talking to potential commuters to a three or four person event involving some or all of the above. Talk to us about what
you want to achieve and your budget and we will suggest the most cost-effective option. We can also offer consultancy on becoming a cycle-friendly employer and project or programme management for the implementation activities.