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Many people are aware of the numerous benefits of cycle commuting, we thought we would share some tips we have learnt along the way to make your ride run smoothly.

1. Preparation
Preparation is key to making cycle commuting easy and problem-free.

If I’m rushing around in the morning trying to get everything together I invariably forget something I need. There’s nothing worse than getting to work and finding that you’ve forgotten the lock keys or that important file that you absolutely must have or, like me today, I brought my glasses case, and forgot to check that my glasses were actually in it. That’s my excuse for the typos! So, try and get all your stuff ready in the panniers or your bag the evening before, helmet, high viz and trouser bands by the door, and then it’s a simple case of putting on the gear, attaching bag to bike and enjoying the journey, knowing you’ve got everything.

2. Cycling in the rain
Provided you’ve got the right clothing, cycling in the rain is very do-able and even enjoyable! Not surprisingly you need:

Waterproof jacket – there are umpteen of these out there in all colours and styles. Good brands include Altura, Gore, Endura but there are many others. A hood can be useful (particularly a stowaway hood) though in city traffic I prefer a helmet with a helmet cover as a hood can reduce my ability to look back and sideways and can impair one’s hearing a bit – such a useful extra sense which you need to use.

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