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Cycle Training

What is it

Cycle training is a highly proven means of encouraging more people to cycle more often and more safely.

Cycling experienceThe National Standard for Cycle Training (Bikeability), developed by over 20 organisations, builds on the former cycling proficiency test.

It is designed to equip people, particularly the young with the skills to cycle safely. One of the principal differences from the Cycling Proficiency Test of old is that the training takes place largely on-road so that trainees, whether children or adults, learn how to interact safely with other road-users.

Significant additional funding is being provided via Cycling England to support an estimated 60% increase in the number of children trained to the National Cycle Training Standard.

From 2008 up to 100,000 extra children are expected to receive training each year. Cycle Experience delivers National Standard Cycle Training at all three levels for both local authorities and the private sector.

We are happy to work alongside an authority’s existing instructors, perhaps providing additional capacity at peak times or taking on sole responsibility for delivering an entire programme.

More details on the National Standard for Cycle Training and the three levels can be found at or

  What is it