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Before you buy checklist

Drawing on our combined years of experience we have put together a comprehensive guide for helping you to select the right bike and accessories for you.bikes for sale

Our objective is to ensure you choose a bike that will satisfy not only your cycling needs but also your comfort, safety and enjoyment.

Key points to take into account before you make your purchase:

Have you chosen a bike that is fit for purpose?

  • Don't buy a mountain bike if you mainly plan to cycle on the road.
  • Consider your fitness level - A road bike may be what you are looking for but if you have a bad back then maybe standard flat handlebars may be better for you than drop handlebars.
  • Do you really need a lot of gears for the cycling you are going to be? - You need gears for coping with hills and the steeper the hills the more gears you will need. If your cycling is mainly on the flat, perhaps a 3 speed or even single speed will suffice.

Have you selected the right size?

This aspect needs careful consideration. The sizing tables are a guide only and if you happen to have longer legs than most, or your child is bigger than the average five year old , please remember to take this into account. We can provide guidance regarding the seat and handlebar position. Usually it is just the seat height that requires adjusting for maximum comfort.

Do you have all the accessories for your bike you need?

Does your bike come with mudguards and if not, do you need them? Most of our commuter bikes do come fitted with mudguards but not all, so look carefully at the specification. It may be worth getting your lights and locks at the same time as you purchase your bike.

Don`t forget accessories for the rider.

Are you equipped with the right clothing? You dont have to wear specialist cycle clothing to enjoy cycling. however you may want to invest in some waterproofs and gloves for cycling in the wet and the colder months.


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